The Scent of Connection

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The Scent of Connection

The Tech

Our proprietary radio-scent-excitement technology adheres to radio waves to allow users to find a Wi-Fi connection like never before, through their sense of smell.

The Scent

Our easily recognisable and completely unique scent means users can intuitively identify the strength and security of nearby connections with a simple sniff.

In Action

Studies show over 4.9 million people connected to hotspots last year in the UK. Wiffi is set to streamline the experience of staying connected for millions of people.

Secure Scent

Finally you can be sure of a secure connection. Wiffi only binds and emits it’s scent to secure hotspots, leaving users safe from trouble online.

Easy Scent

There is no longer a need to frantically hunt for a connection. Feel safe that with Wiffi you’ll always be able to stay connected.

Strength Through Scent

“Wiffi 1.0 goes far beyond the expectations of how we believed radio scent excitement technology could perform.”

CEO – Caroline Sullivan

"In our world of instant gratification people are expecting more from technology and faster than ever. The digital landscape has evolved dramatically, yet until now the way we found and connected to Wi-Fi couldn’t keep up. Wiffi is set to change this. It’s different than everything that has come before, yet it fits so perfectly into our lives."

Kevin Smith – Lead Engineer

"Thanks to the government’s SuperConnected Cities Programme there are now more free Wi-Fi hotspots than ever available across Britain. Our technology allows users make the most of the modern world, ensuring staying connected is easier and safer than ever."

Daniel Roderson – Product Innovator

"Building our signature scent really tested the boundaries of what was thought possible in the field. Creating an instantly recognizable aroma that was unique to the product is a real leap forward. We’ve created an experience that feels so native, so inert, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it."

Jim Jones – Head of Scent Technology

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